Legal Separation in Alabama

Marital life can be complicated for many couples. These complications can lead to divorce, but divorce is not the only option to end the marriage. Alabama State gives the option of Legal Separation if you and your spouse are not willing to live together and don't want to end marriage immediately. You can choose the legal separation in Alabama option if living in Alabama due to many reasons. A few of these reasons are given below.

  1. Religion
  2. Insurance
  3. Property division complications
  4. To expedite the divorce process if willing in future
  5. If they are unsure that they can or can't live together in future

What Are The Differences and Similarities Between Divorce and Legal Separation In Alabama ?

Similarities Between Divorce & Legal Separation

Divorce and Separation are similar in many ways if spouses come to an agreement like

  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Property division
  • Spouse support
  • Debt allocation

Both spouses can live independently, get separate property, and decide about finances independently, but they remain married.

Differences Between Divorce & Legal Separation

Separation does not end the marriage like divorce. In Separation, you cannot re-marriage until you file a divorce. Terms of Separation are more flexible because you can

  • Modify terms of Separation
  • Convert Separation into a divorce
  • Cancel the Separation and reunite

This is possible if both spouses are agreed to terms and conditions

Alabama Separation Agreement

Legal Separation is a legal document signed by spouses after, on property or asset, debt and children support issues. This can be a complicated document, and its complexity depends upon the unique situation of the marriage. To get support or hire an attorney, contact GetDivorcePapers.Com for help.

What Are The Requirements/Grounds in 2022 For Legal Separation in Alabama ?

In order to file legal separation in 2022 one must fulfill the following requirements. If someone in Alabama needs legal Separation, then he/she has to file the petition in court. The petitioner will demonstrate following the application.

  1. Six months residency requirement is needed at least for one spouse
  2. The willingness of Separation of at least one spouse

The petitioner needs to provide the court with legal reasons or grounds for Separation. Legal grounds can be the same as of no-fault divorce. One of the legal reasons for marriage breakdown is incompatibilities between the spouses. Besides legal grounds, the petitioner has to satisfy the court about children's custody, their visitation, and support issues if spouses have minor children.

After the legal Separation, if any of the spouses earn money or purchase property, then the court will consider this as non-divide able in a future divorce proceeding.

Decree of Legal Separation

In Alabama, the court grants legal Separation and must

  • Have jurisdiction to grant Separation
  • Determine whether marriage can be saved or not
  • Determine custody of child and support

Dissolution Of Marriage And How Does It Work ?

If you are legally separated and now decide to reunite, the Alabama court allows you to reunite by filing a request in court to dismiss legal Separation in Alabama. On the other hand, if the couple is still wants to file for a divorce, then all agreements made during previous legal Separation are not included in a divorce proceeding, and the couple must restart the proceeding again. To get advice and legal help in this regard, contact

What Is Trial Separation And How Does It Work ?

Trial separation does not involve the court. If a couple is considering divorce or legal Separation, then it is good to go for a trial separation. This is a temporary separation during which the couple decides verbally about child custody, child support, visitation, etc. A trial separation can be helpful if spouses have an open line of communication. If your relationship and communication are not strong, then this will not work. So, in the end, you have to decide about reconciliation or legal Separation or divorce.

What Is Legal Separation Agreement?

It is actually a legal separation that involves court. In trial separation, verbal communication works, but in the separation agreement, involvement of the court with the legal ground is necessary. The separation agreement covers the following.

  1. Marital property and debt division ( for example, bank accounts, home, or retirement accounts)
  2. Child custody
  3. Child visitation
  4. child support spouse support

In other words, a separation agreement is the written agreement between both the spouses, which will be underlying the terms of separation and signed by the judge to make it legal.

Should You Hire An Attorney In Alabama To File A Legal Separation?

If you are not a lawyer, even if you can write the separation agreement, chances of error are there, especially if you do not know what the new 2022 laws for legal Separation are. Nothing can be changed if you left any mistake in the draft and the judge signed the agreement. It will be better to hire an attorney to write the draft of the Separation. After completion, give a copy to your spouse to independently review by an attorney.

How Much It Can Cost To File A Legal Separation In Alabama

Legal Separations are not common than Divorces. At the same time, legal Separation requires more extensive and specialized work than divorce, making it more expensive in Alabama. It is possible in many cases that someone gets legal Separation and then ultimately goes for divorce in the future. So, he has to pay twice. If you decide to live separately without legal Separation or divorce, then you are at risk financially. Agreement regarding child care/support, joint credit cards/debit cards, assets, etc., keeps you risk-free financially. If you are not willing to divorce then, legal Separation can be the best option as it provides the best protection of finances.

If you are filing legal separation through GetDivorcePapers, the cost will be very cheap in Alabama. Ideally, a legal separation through an attorney can cost you around $900 - $1200, but filing with will cost you only $139.00, including child support, child custody, financial agreement, etc.

How To File Legal Separation in Alabama ?Legal Separation In Alabama

To get Separation in Alabama, you have to file legal Separation in court. The petition must demonstrate legal ground due to which your married life has reached a point where living together as husband and wife is not possible. In other words, differences in personalities are too high to live together.

Legal Separation can be easier and cheaper but at the same time complicated as well. It is easier if both spouses agree on Separation and no dispute on each other claim or rather accept each other claim. But this situation is rare practically. The legal procedure of Separation becomes complicated when one of the spouses opposes any move of the other or disagrees with any term of the claim.

Filing a legal separation in Alabama with us is very simple and only requires three steps.

Step1 - Complete a short online interview on the website.
Step2 - We process your interview and prepare your legal separation agreement.
Step3 - Both spouses sign the legal agreement and submit the documents to the court, where the judge signs the legal agreement and finalizes it.

Contact for Alabama Legal Separation For Help

If you are looking for legal Separation in Alabama, then contact for help to fulfill the entire legal requirements of your court to get an error/mistake-free separation agreement. has the experience and professional lawyers who can help you to

  1. Draft acceptable agreement
  2. Your preparation for court if needed

To schedule a consultation, contact us for better legal Separation.