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Our Get divorce paper has a very easy and friendly method of getting a divorce. We arrange and process divorce documents according to your state's law. Below are the steps that you should follow:

Choose Your State And SIGN-UP

Choose the state that either you or your spouse reside from and review the rules. You will understand that each state is governed by different rules thus requiring one spouse to live in the state you intend to file in. In case you happen to live in different states, just consider the one that doesn't have difficult requirements and take minimal waiting period. Log in to your account and start your divorce procedure.

Answer Questions Related to your Case

After you log in to your account you will get questions that are related to your divorce. The questions are provided using simple and easy explanations that will allow you to answer without encountering difficulties. If you don't feel like completing the whole procedure on that single day, don't worry because you can access your own account at any given time. The information that is filled is never lost thus giving people a chance to complete once they are free. The account remains open as long as the owner wants it to be.

We will not abandon you, but we will walk with you all through the process

Print your forms and File

After you are through with the process above, the documents will be accessible online. Use your printer to print and then sign. Go to the court and file the documents and make sure you follow the instructions provided. You don't have to appear in court since you can send your documents by mail or fax though you have to make sure that it is allowed according to the rules governing your state. You can make changes on your forms and reprint them as many times as you wish. There are no additional costs incurred.

We Promise you this


You will never need an attorney or incur any other extra expenses in order to get a divorce. We are always committed to make sure that you move on with your life without wasting much of your time.

  • We ensure that your dollars will not be used in legal fees
  • We give you a very fast and easy process
  • Our forms are a hundred percent accurate and up to date
  • You get legal advice by professionals who are always available online
  • A good customer service
  • We give you many chances to change your forms without any additional costs
  • We give you divorce papers that are approved by attorney
  • Whether abroad or at home, anybody can become a member

So, if you are ready to go through the divorce process visit our website Get divorce papers and start filling the forms.

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