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Credit Card Billing name & contact details is the name that you will get on receiving your credit card statement for charges made on the site. This happens to be our parent company’s name and the name that will appear for all charges.
When do I get the purchased forms?
As soon as your payment processing, a series of questions will be asked to help us complete for you your forms. As soon as the interview is over you can download the necessary forms for you to file for divorce. In addition, you will be at a position to obtain your divorce forms from our website any time you wish by clicking “Divorce Forms” section.
What is your telephone number?
Our office is open to receive your calls at 1-855-865-1218 from 6am-8pm PST Monday-Friday; and 8am-5pm PST Saturday. We are however closed on Sundays and all public holidays.
Can I place an order via phone, fax or pay by check?
Yes. We accept payments made through online check, mail in check, most credit cards. You can pay online or place a call at 1-855-865-1218 for over the phone payments.
What does uncontested divorce mean?
This is a type of divorce that couples use to terminate their marriage outside the court. They settle all their disputes and reservations through a family member or a third party.
Divorce Vs. Legal Separation
The most significant difference between legal separation and divorce is you are still married during a legal separation. You are not able to remarry until you are divorced. Other differences are that being legally separated allows you to keep health care and other benefits that you would lose in a divorce. Additionally, your spouse will still be considered next of kin and is able to make medical and financial decisions for the other. Also, should the spouse's decide to reconcile, a legal separation can be easily undone while a divorce is permanent. Spouse's will have to remarry after a divorce should they choose to reconcile.
What does divorce mediation mean?
Divorce mediation is the cheapest and easiest way married couples use to split up. This is a way of solving all issues out of court. It is vital for mediation discussions to be kept confidential.
What amount of time does it take to finalize divorce?
The amount of time taken to complete a divorce will vary from case to case and from court to court. We can’t specify how much your particular situation may take since problems could occur during processing hence delays. However, the whole process should take up to four to six months to complete.
Must I go to court during the process of divorce?
You may be called upon to be present in court for various reasons from time to time. However, all this depends on your case and the kind of court your case is being handled from.
What does child custody mean?
In legal terms guardianship and child custody are synonymously used for the description of a parent’s and child practical relationship, like the parents right to make decisions on the child’s behalf, and their duty to take care of the child.
How much does a filing for divorce cost?
If you use our service you will be charged a fee for preparation of online divorce. The fee starts at $139.00 and it is reflected on our website’s price section. On top of that you will also be charged a court fee for the divorce filling. For the correct divorce filing charged by the court feel free to call our office for more details.
Who is responsible for paying child support?
A parent who is separated from the spouse and has child custody may have entitlement to children support. You will need to work out this factor with your spouse.
How is child support calculated?
Child support varies from state to state and it is normally state determined. You will be able to get this task accomplished as you go about our online interview.
How does divorce and marital settlement differ?
Where marital settlement is concerned the couple continues to live together but the rights and obligations for both parties are determined by the court. In a divorce settlement the couple gets separated.
How much child support should I get?
Child support payments are determined by the state, and varies from state to state. Please write to us if you need child support calculation in your state.
What does alimony entail?
This is an allowance or support that is usually paid by a spouse to another according to the court order.
Must I use a divorce lawyer?
This will entirely depend on you. You can omit a lawyer if you feel comfortable to work out your divorce details with your spouse. All divorce lawyers and attorneys do is taking you through your rights. They have training on filing the case in the proper manner and help you navigate your way through the court. They are also way expensive compared to our services. It is therefore wise to ask yourself if you are comfortable working out your divorce with your spouse. If your answer is yes, then you can freely use our services and save yourself thousands of dollars spent on divorce lawyers.
How about mediation?
Once again the choice of mediation entirely lies in your hands. It is however always wise to try and work out your divorce details. Mediation has since time immemorial been used for settlement of all sorts of disputes especially when it comes to family matters. Everyone intending to have a divorce should consider mediation as it saves a lot in terms of cost cutting.
How good is mediation compared to contested divorce?
Mediation is so far the best way to separate and solve family disputes. Every couple seeking to divorce should consider mediation as it is very cost effective and saves a lot of time.
What are your hours of operation?
We are open Monday through Friday from 6am-8pm PST,
Saturday 8am-5pm PST
And closed on Sunday
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A Family law divorce attorney wil typically charge your $200/hour resulting in a $1,500-3,000 total fee for an uncontested divorce. charges you $139.00 with no additional fees for children, assets or alterations to your case.

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