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Legal separation in Pennsylvania


Happy moments create beautiful memories. The memories are intended to last a lifetime, though they fade away quickly. Marriage presents people with the opportunity to make their partners happy. Happiness is a true attribute of love and a strong pillar of marriage. There are other pillars of marriage, and once they are violated, cause the marriage crumbles instantly. Some marriages will survive the crumble and rebuild their tower once more, while others will let the debris lay.

Presently there are more secular marriages where people get married but make minimal effort to work for their marriages. Others are founded on a foundation of religion and communities where divorce is not advocated for. This does not mean that you should continue staying in a marriage filled with hurt. It means that couples can seek alternative ways to restore happiness or be happy individually. One way that most couples have been put to work is through a legal separation. This process does not dissolve the marriage; instead, it gives it a chance for reconciliation.

Pennsylvania has laws that support legal separation. Couples living in informal separations can pursue this legal process in order to settle issues. When going through such a process, it is important to keep the mental well-being of yourself and the children upright. The task ahead is not easy, but you can uncomplicate it by reading this article.

What is the legal separation in Pennsylvania?


Legal separation refers to a legal process undertaken by two married individuals. The high chances are that a couple seeking legal separation has problems in the marriage. The process does not dissolve a marriage but separates a couple under the law.

When a couple is separated, they may be reconciled in the end. It is okay not to conform to others, and it is good to know that every marriage is distinctive. It is also good, to be honest with your case in determining if your marriage stands a chance to thrive or not.

How to file a legal separation Pennsylvania


The most difficult decision to make for a married couple is getting separated or divorced. The next big step involves filing legal separation in court. The law requires information about the two who intend to separate. The details include:

Once this data is filled in with a form to file legal separation, the next step involves serving a notice to your spouse. This will notify them of the filing if they are unaware of the decision. After the filing, the court starts the proceedings. A judge of the law decides them. Notably, one party can file for legal separation. You also need a separation agreement to file for legal separation.

Advantages of legal separation in Pennsylvania


Couples that choose to get legally separated can enjoy several advantages. The main advantage of a legal separation is retaining marriage and marital status. Other advantages include:

Disadvantages of legal separation in Pennsylvania


Legal separation is a process that is filled with ups and downs. You are bound to follow the rules diligently and to the letter. Sentiments from most couples who go through legal separation air the inability to remarry. There are other disadvantages this presents, which include:

Legal separation vs. Divorce in Pennsylvania


Marriages are fragile and can break into a simple bow. When on the verge of breaking, it is essential to handle it with gentleness and care. The extent of damage to it determines the action you take. Where these two options are presented, consider them wisely and choose the most appropriate.

Legal separation gives room for couples whose marriage may have a chance since it does not nullify a marriage. A divorce would nullify the marriage the moment a judge declares so.

The divorce will settle all issues permanently, including joint accounts and businesses. Freedom to move on with financial independence is granted, but not the same case for legal separation.

A divorce will separate a family, seeing that children will be entitled to live with one parent and visitation rights to the other. This is the same case as for the legal separation.

Apart from maybe intimacy, marital status and privileges are retained after a legal separation. This is not the case for divorce since it nullifies the marriage and dissolves all privileges.

How long does legal separation take in Pennsylvania?


Couples in Pennsylvania need to be separated for a minimum of 12months in order to file for legal separation. Upon filing, they will need to have this proven. When a legal separation is filed, the process may take up to 9 months for the verdict to be read out. Other cases are likely to take longer where there are issues that remain unresolved.

How much can it cost to file for legal separation in Pennsylvania?


Pennsylvanian law has different filing options and fees depending on the family's uniqueness. If a family has children, the filing fee is higher than a family without children. This is because in cases where there are children involved, they will need custody and support resolution. A family with children has required a filing fee of $21,500 and that without, $14,300.

Child custody and support in Pennsylvania legal separation


A family that has children will need to consider the issue of child custody and support in the separation agreement. In cases where children are involved, it is suitable for the parents to identify areas in which the separation has affected them. It is important to keep a closer relationship with them during such challenging moments. Identify times when they need counseling services. Additionally, ensure that child custody has been awarded according to their preference or the parent they are used to.

When one parent is accorded child custody, the other is awarded visitation rights-the right dictates when the parent will spend time with them.

Child support calls for both parents to make their maximum efforts. It is important to consider the needs of a child when determining the cost of support. Children who need support are those below 18 years or with disabilities.

Trial separation in Pennsylvania


A trial separation refers to a period in which a couple lives separately from one another. The law does not govern this kind of agreement. However, it is required to have the commencement dates during filing. This period is important as it helps couples who feel as if they will blow out from marital pressure to cool off. The period also helps in the elimination of premature divorce or legal separation.

Do you need an attorney to file for Pennsylvania legal separation?


The attorney helps in filing legal separation, which is very helpful because it makes it easier and takes minimal time. A legal procedure involves a lot of technicalities, and an attorney will help figure them out. The attorney helps to settle complex issues when there is no third party. Legal advice is what you need most to shorten the legal separation period.

How to prepare for the Pennsylvania separation agreement


Preparing a separation document is very important since it is required in court. This gives the parents the priority to decide on issues about children and their issues on the separation. The document should be prepared in the presence of witnesses. The document should be signed before being presented to a judge in court. A separation agreement should pay attention to details about how each event should be executed. Some important areas to address in the separation agreement include:

Once the issue has been settled, you can least be assured that your separation case will take a minimum of time. Even as the couple is separating, they must treat each other with respect and kindness. Remembering they have the opportunity to reconcile, they should put the other party's needs first.

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