If you are in an unhappy marital situation and reluctant about divorce for certain reasons, you can always opt for the alternatives available to accommodate your needs. The alternate methods can be annulment or legal separation. However, all three have a similar outcome; the repercussions attached are different. Annulments are significantly more thorough since they will legally erase the marriage.

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On the other hand, a divorce will end the marriage legally by taking into account that it existed for some extent of time. The rules for annulment may vary based on religious beliefs as they may differ. It can be pursued on legal or religious grounds taking into account the religious variations. This article will focus on the legal proceedings of annulments for that matter. 


In cases of a divorce online , the date the petition and summons served on the respondent is extremely critical. Before the parties head to divorce they can have their marital status terminated as there is a mandatory waiting period of 6 months. This is also known as the cooling-off period. The 6 month period is a method adopted by many states to encourage reconciliation and avoid uncertain cheap and quick divorces. A judgment is passed when a written agreement is reached by both people; which incorporates into a judgment or when the court issues one post-trial. After which the case is deemed as close.


Annulments are mostly granted by the state in particular situations depending upon the reasons that existed post marriage. To file for one in Texas, either of the people has to be residing in Texas or born there. It invalidates the existence of proper marriage and can have lasting effects on either party in terms of kids and property. Unlike a online divorce proceeding, there is no waiting period required in an annulment and it can be filled in the county where all responsible actions leading to the marriage took place.

In Texas, there are several conditions pertaining to which an annulment can be filed:

  • Any one of the partners was underage, 18
  • Influenced by liquor or drugs etc.
  • Chronic impotency
  • Tricked into marriage forcefully, fraudulently, etc.
  • Not mentally mature enough to handle marriage
  • Any one of the two concealed a prior divorce
  • Married within 72 hours of the marriage license being generated

Legal Separation

A legal separation judgment may imply that you are still married to your spouse, unlike a divorce or annulment. It is a court-recognized separation where the couple is yet married and pursuing a divorce. Legal separations may not be recognized by Texas as per se but couples who part ways before divorce might take steps for the protection of their rights. This course of action has certain repercussions that you might have to abide by in the future. There may be certain implications that should be dealt with, like taxes, social security benefits, retirement accounts, and beneficial issues, etc. In case you are still married to your spouse, it’s a good idea to look into all of these and get an in-depth understanding of the benefits that your spouse may be entitled to.

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