contested & uncontested divorce‘Divorce’ – this is a word most people dread, a word that brings to mind dreary courtrooms, lawyers, lots of paperwork, high fees and plenty of complications. But, it does not have to be such a dreadful experience, especially if both you and your ex-spouse are convinced that this is the most feasible way forward for your family.

At the heart of a divorce there are four main areas;

  1. The division of property
  2. The division of any debt
  3. Child custody
  4. Child and/or spousal support


Divorces are often divided into two main categories, namely the uncontested and the contested divorces. In an ideal scenario you have both parties agreeing on the above four issues, and there are no disagreements whatsoever. There is no denying that an uncontested divorce is preferable as it is more straightforward and everything comes to an end quite quickly. In fact couples who are facing an uncontested divorce often opt for online divorce. On you can easily get all the forms you need so as to file for your divorce much more quickly. Besides you will be able to save a great deal of money as it will just cost you a couple of hundreds, and no lawyer will be involved to break your bank. You will also benefit from a 100% guaranteed court approval on the forms you present because the site is run by professionals who will offer you customized paperwork according to your divorce case and state.

Ideally, every couple who is considering filing for a divorce should do its best to work out mutual terms for separation so as to void going to court. However, if there are any disputes or disagreements, and the couple are not managing to solve on their own, arbitration or mediation could be sought. This is another option to try to bypass the lengthy litigation and the trial.

Complex issues often lead to contested divorces. Often here we see high financial stakes, hostility between the spouses and lots of technical legal procedures, which call for legal assistance by a lawyer.

Cases where there have been allegations of domestic violence should always resort to legal counsel when filing for divorce. If there are any major differences in power, be they financial or emotional, matters tend to get increasingly complicated, and so an uncontested divorce is often impossible.

However, even in cases where an uncontested divorce is clearly not an option, a couple should try to consider if they can attempt to settle certain issues out of court, or by means of arbitration. There is no denying that protracted litigation is the most expensive and time consuming ordeal one can face, so by trying to limit litigation, both parties will be able to avoid several problems and reduce expenses. Moreover, they will be able to put a stop to the whole ordeal once and for all and be able to get on with their lives.

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