child visitationAs you and your spouse decide to commence divorce proceedings, it is as if your whole life revolves around it. You need to start thinking about getting a lawyer, filing the necessary paperwork, and appearing in front of a court. The whole matter becomes increasingly complicated if you have children. In such a case you also need to reach a compromise with regards to child custody, child support and child visitation.


Ideally, you and your ex should try to agree on a parenting plan and a visitation schedule. This can be discussed and presented in court for the judge’s perusal. As long as it is a reasonable agreement, chances are that it will be taken into account and eventually become an enforceable court order. Being able to reach a compromise with your spouse is highly recommended because you would have been able to come up to a plausible parenting arrangement for your kids. Obviously, even though you are getting divorced, you can still try to discuss such things for the benefit of your kids. At the end of the day, if you are both reasonable and responsible, you are in a better position to reach a good decision together.

Issues such as unexpected circumstances should be taken into account too. For example, on one-off days off from school, who will be taking care of the kids? Also, how will the holidays and school vacations going to be divided?

Bear in mind that as kids grow older, there may be need for some amendments. Therefore it is a good idea to put a provision in the agreement so as to provide for this. As long as you both agree to such changes and sign them, they will be enforceable like the original order. This will avoid you the hassle of going back to court every time some changes need to be applied.

The court will determine visitation according to the parents’ work, schedule and other commitments. Reasonable visitation is often implemented to allow parents to exercise flexibility. Obviously the parent who is granted physical custody of the child will be spending more time with him or her. Therefore there needs to be a plausible arrangement so that the noncustodial parent still gets a feasible schedule for visitation. An agreement of the days, times and the duration of visits is not difficult to decide as long as there is cooperation. In the event of lack of cooperation, which often tends to happen when an ex tries to vex his former spouse, the court will have to take control of the matter. In such cases a fixed visitation schedule is often set. In such a schedule the court will include the times as well as the places for visitation for the noncustodial parent to abide with. is your gateway to start your divorce proceedings very quickly and simply. The papers you need are all available from our site once you set up an account. It is also really economic to get your divorce papers via We will facilitate the initial steps to your divorce so that more complicated matters such as child visitation are not considered as an additional ordeal to you.

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