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The idea of marriage is exciting to many that people often forget that marriage is not a walk in the park and needs much work. At times in marriage, under certain situations with your spouse, you wonder if you indeed did make the right decision getting married to the one you call your wife/husband. When you feel that you have had enough of the marriage, you pose yourself "should I get a divorce quiz".

Well, divorce is not as easy as it may seem or sound, given there are only two choices: either you decide to fight for the marriage and stay in it despite being unsatisfying or decide to end the marriage as it is too much for you. The idea of getting a divorce will undeniably have a strong effect on your mental health because you will be torn between giving up and walking away from the things you have built with your spouse over the years, including the home you have together and your family and kids, the financial success you have achieved as a married couple among other important things. These are some factors that often get you in a dilemma, your fear of losing everything and starting from scratch, and it gets harder if there are kids involved.

Divorce is tough, but you also need to think of yourself and your mental health. Divorce requires you to heavily and carefully analyze the marriage and decide if you want to go through with it fast because if you spend a lot of time thinking about it, it will damage your mental health. After all, you will be in an unhappy marriage that will make you sad and depressed; after all, you will get a divorce at some point because, honestly, there is a limit to what you can take and handle. Divorce will have positive and negative impacts on your life in general, no doubt but then again, being in an unsatisfying marriage will ruin you, and living in a dilemma on whether to get a divorce or not is worse as it will revert your focus and slow down your dreams and aspirations. A decision made faster helps one move faster and focus on other things. It is no different from when you quickly weigh your marriage and decide to get a divorce; the faster your decision, the better and the healthier.


There are instances when divorce is non-negotiable, and the "should I get a divorce quiz" is unnecessary. Suppose your spouse is emotionally or physically abusive, cheats on you with other people, lies a lot to you, or takes money from your joint money accounts without consultation and knowledge. In that case, all these are giving you the red light signaling it's time for you to begin the divorce procedure, especially if the above-mentioned happens more than once, and the spouse does not regret nor feel sorry for their hurtful actions. 

Another instance that will have your marriage hit rock bottom and increase the chance of divorce is if you are suffering from an addiction problem. Any form of addiction, be it drugs, gambling, or a mental disorder, will harm your marriage, especially if the affected spouse neither has the willingness to change the addictive behaviors nor wants to seek professional help as the affected spouse is in denial and fails to accept that they have a serious problem that needs professional attention.


Other instances of high divorce predictors include:

If you feel emotionally detached from your married partner and feel absolutely nothing for your partner, especially during physical intimacy, then the chances of divorce are high. It is hard to be physically attracted to your marriage partner when you have run low on emotions, and this is where cheating on your partner is highly likely to happen. 

When you or your partner keep bringing up the issue of divorce, even in arguments that are easy to work through or in normal situations, it is a sign of unhappiness, and divorce is highly likely to happen.

When the energy between you and your partner is completely off and often disgusted by each other from how you talk and act towards each other.

None of the above is a "should I get a divorce quiz" much more of an "it is time for a divorce" quiz.


 The Divorce Quiz.


After years of experience dealing with married couple issues, I have picked on some things that might help you with your divorce dilemma. In my profession, I have helped married couples sort out the issues that make them feel detached from each other and save their marriage and help couples come to terms with that their marriage is beyond saving and helped them peacefully settle for a divorce.

I will provide you with some guidance to help you with your divorce dilemma and make it easier for you to decide. When taking on my guidance on whether to get divorced or not, make sure that you are safe and that nothing such as a heated argument with your spouse at the moment will influence your decision, as this is a life-changing ordeal.

Below I will lay down some divorce statements which you will analyze and answer for yourself that will draw the line for you on whether to stay married or get the divorce. This is a yes, no, or maybe an answer to each statement I will provide you with. Carefully analyze the statement and give a well-thought-out yes, no, or maybe answer. If perhaps you think you might know the answer your marriage partner would give if the statements are presented to them, don't fail to consider it when you are also responding to the statement below.

I will note down 25 divorce quiz statements to which you should give your response on whether to proceed with the divorce or not.

  • You look for attention elsewhere and get attracted to other people.
  • Have no common interests with your spouse and common plans for the future.
  • You are always on each other's throats and constantly arguing and fighting with each other. You do not see eye to eye on many things.
  • You share a lot of your life with others and hardly with your spouse.
  • Intimacy in your marriage is no longer fun and interesting, and you hardly get intimate sexually.
  • You have no control over your life as you have a controlling spouse who mostly dictates how to live your life, and you are exhausted.
  • You do not feel protected by your spouse as they never defend you when relatives or friends are offensively attacking you. 
  • Everything else in your life is great and fulfilling, but back home to your spouse is the depressing part of your life weighing you down.
  • You have tried everything to save your marriage by getting professional help, but nothing seems to help you work through your marriage. 
  • Ego has taken over your marriage none of you is willing to cool down an argument by owing to their faults or address the hurtful situation after an argument.
  • You mostly believe that the issues affecting your marriage are mostly by your spouse but knowing so, you make no effort to help your partner change so your marriage would work. 
  • You are not interested in creating time for your partner or interested in having some special time with your partner.
  • You are not interested in your partner's personal life or what interests them anymore and don't even bother to ask.
  • Both of you are so detached that none of you is interested in making the other feel loved and are no longer in each other's home.
  • You lack ways to express affection towards each other. Both of you have run out of communication on a love basis.
  • You feel that you are not making any advancements in your personal life but in your spouse in the marriage. 
  • You have weighed in on the negative effects of marriage on your life and other parties, such as kids, but still, consider going through with the divorce because you believe it is best. You have no excuse for your divorce.
  • You have nothing but negative remarks to make about your spouse and marriage when holding discussions with family members and friends.
  • None of you are interested in saving the marriage, maybe by suggesting getting professional guidance and assistance.
  • You do not show interest in being around each other and are mostly distanced.
  • Neither of you is interested in pleading for forgiveness when harm has been done or after hurtful situations.
  • Your spouse has never owned up to the things that have damaged you.
  • You have struggled with the idea of divorce for a couple of years.
  • You and your spouse have tried every professional help you could get for your marriage, but nothing seems to work in favor of your marriage, and you feel exhausted already since nothing is working. 

Once you have given the response you feel is suitable, pose yourself "should I get divorced" quiz. To make the process easier, go through the statements daily and write your answer down in a notebook. After taking your time and properly weighing your answers, ask yourself, "Do I want a divorce quiz?"


Divorce Quiz Disadvantages.

One limitation of this divorce quiz is that it might not serve everyone and may not be used by everyone to help them deal with the issues in deciding whether to get a divorce or not. Some of the statements mentioned may not be good enough to help them draw the line and decide to get a divorce. Nevertheless, please weigh in on the statements to which you have given your yes answer and let them guide you into deciding what you want. If the response to more than 12 statements is 'yes,' then divorce is highly likely.

However, nothing can be fixed; try to work through the issues with your partner. If you feel that you cannot work through it, prepare and accept letting go and getting the divorce processed.



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