Can I divorce my wife for not sleeping with me

Everyone’s right is to be satisfied sexually in marriage. If you are not then it means that filing a divorce is obviously a good option. You may be very disappointed in your life because of not being able to have sex with your partner for a long time. It’s not good and unhealthy for anyone to be a sexless marriage as many people get married only to have sex regularly.

Marriage is at its lower chances of survival once two partners are sharing the same house only not bed.  Marriage can last only if both of the partners are providing love, affection, and intimacy to each other. According to many surveys and reports, the survival of marriage depends upon the sex life of both partners.

Now the question is raised “Can I divorce my wife for not sleeping with me” The answer is YES for sure. In this article, you will go through everything about sexless marriage.

Should you divorce your spouse for a sexless marriage?

Sexless marriage is the most common ground for the divorce of many people. The decision to divorce over a sexless marriage depends upon how much sex is important in your relationship.

Sexless marriage was not a serious issue before when birth control pills were not discovered. People try to avoid pregnancy by living without any sexual contact. This issue is also not that big for middle-class people as they cannot buy condoms, pills, caps, or the expanses of abortion. Many people don’t even care about it and live without having it. But if you are the one who can’t control your desires should take the following steps before leading it to a divorce:

  • The first step you should take is to find out why your partner doesn’t want to make love with you. Maybe there are some health complications behind their refusal.


  • Before jumping into the battle of divorce, both of the partners should inspect the situation. It would be great if you both sit and discuss each other’s points of view. Always remember those important decisions should be made with a proper discussion especially when you are married to anyone.


  • Observe your overall relationship condition. If you start working on making your overall relationship then your sex relations will also take the road of betterment.


  • Many people are afraid to talk about this issue. If your wife is one of them then try working on yourself. Many sex therapists and Psychologists say that if one person in a relationship starts taking therapy for any specific problem then your partner is automatically affected by it. This also motivates them to start working on resolving that particular problem.

When you should finalize your divorce ?

1. If your partner is not interested in resolving the matters anymore

Everyone has different sexual preferences. There may be something you like but your partner doesn’t. So for making your sexual life enjoyable, there are many points you need to discuss with your spouse. Deep and healthy conversations can resolve even the worst problems. As a team, work on the points you are affecting your sex life. This problem is not that worst if you start making effort.

Once you understand that your partner is not interested in resolving things with you, you should start making preparations for the court. Arrange all your concerns in an efficient way without blaming and shaming your spouse. If you stay calm and do not blame your partner at that time too then there are chances that she will develop a soft corner for you. All you have to do is focus on why your wife is not interested in you. If still, your partner doesn’t agree then it clearly means she doesn’t want to be with you anymore. A one-sided relationship can’t survive as without teamwork, no issue can be resolved.

2. If there are other many relationship issues other your marriage other a sexless marriage

Lack of sex in a marriage can direct a couple to face many other related problems. If your case is the same, then there is no point in being in such a relationship. You need to find your way out with valid reasons to show in court with proper evidence. For example, both of them face toxic communication that includes blaming, abusing, shaming, or criticism can also be the reason for unhealthy sexual relationships. Same if you both won’t be able to solve the complications of money and parenting then there are fewer chances of survival of your marriage. You may think that sexless marriage is leading you to divorce but remember that there are many other reasons that can ruin your marriage.

These issues are much greater to destroy a marriage than a sexless marriage. You won’t be able to change them then leaving that toxic marriage is a good decision.

3. If you both have different sexual preferences and you both don’t enjoy each other’s style.

Everyone has a different vision of making sex enjoyable. The level of sex pleasure depends upon how and with whom they are having sex. For example, Many people find it difficult to enjoy sexually and turn off with a person who is kinky.

According to the sex therapist, couples have not satisfied with simple sex. To bring pleasure in their sexual life, they develop their fantasy, do masturbation, and have sex in an exciting way. The people who failed to excite their sex partner result in not having sex at all even while staying married. If you think that your partner is not satisfied with your sex life, you better get out of that marriage and find the partner according to your requirements.