Toxic relationships

A toxic marriage does not depend on little arguments between the spouses, or they can’t manage each other’s relations; otherwise, it must be a happy marriage. Even though your marriage is a great love story, there will shatter many illusions in the marriage. The “happily ever after” you guys promised will not matter anymore, and your spouse will get busy in their own life.

The toxic marriage is another phase, another story of your life, and if you are a part of this story now, it is tough to see red signs. If you feel uncomfortable and unhappy with your spouse, it can be a sign that a change is required. These are some signs if you are living in a toxic marriage and what can be your next step:

Toxix Relationship

What Is A Toxic Marriage ?

Living in a marriage in which spouses do not understand each other and do not care about each other anymore. Both of you are just living in a formality and nothing else. This is a toxic marriage in which you are uncomfortable and always heartbroken by your life partner. These kinds of marriages end in the wrong way. This is actually very hard to end a marriage that started on the basis of love.

Signs of Toxic Marriage

If you are living in a toxic relationship, it is imperative to find out that it is an unhealthy marriage. Once you recognize the same situations as listed below, then it is proved that it is a toxic marriage. Here are some signs from which you can find out about your toxic marriage.

1. Split Personality Of Your Spouse

The first phase of a toxic marriage is the split, Jekyll and Hyde personality of your partner. They have two phases; in one phase, they are calm or fuzzy, but in the next phase, he./she becomes angry. It is also called the mood swings of one.

2. Depression

Marriage is not only one thing that causes depression; there are many things and problems that cause depression. But if we are talking about marriage, this depression is undoubtedly a sign of marriage toxicity. Depression affects the relationship. The longer your depression lasts, it will become tough to get out of the trouble.

3. Feeling Drained

Living a life without any joy will exhaust you. You feel exhausted mentally, physically, and even spiritually. All you need is to get out of this monotonous life and live with independence.

4. Mentioning to Someone That You are Happy in Your Relationship

Telling someone that you are extremely happy in your marriage is great trouble. It is also a sign that you are unhappy in your relationship.

5. Ask Your Friends

You must have to mention all the situations in front of your family, friends, or the people you trust the most. They might give you some information that you do not know.

6. Keeping Secrets About Spouse

Yes, it is important to keep a social circle, but when you start to hide it from your spouse and do not include him/her in your circle, or when someone asks you about your spouse, you become secretive. This is a sign that your marriage is toxic.

7. Cheating On Your Spouse

You will start suspecting your spouse that he/she might be cheating on you. It is also a part of marriage toxicity.

8. Trust Issues

You stop trusting your spouse. You always try to defend every little part of your life from your partner.

9. Support

You support your friends or family when they get into some trouble. But in a toxic relationship, you never give some emotional support to your partner. In a healthy marriage, the couple supports each other, but when it comes to a phase where you do not even trust your partner for some emotional support, then it is a sign that your marriage is on the rocks.

10. Disrespect

Whenever you try to talk with your partner, he/she doesn’t pay attention. Such disrespect shown by the spouse means that he/she is not interested in you anymore.

11. Scapegoat

Your spouse starts blaming you for every minor issue. Even if he/she is responsible for creating every little mess, the blame always goes on you.

12. Bullying

If your spouse is judging all of your relations, actions, and any other affairs of your life, then you must be married to a toxic narcissist. He/she manipulates your whole life.

13. Marital Finances

Your spouse starts hiding money and stops giving you expenses; then, your marriage is undoubtedly in trouble.

14. One More Chance

If your spouse is behaving with toxicity and you have confronted him. He/she breaks all the promises related to your marriage, and he/she asks for one more chance. It is the sign of a “toxic marriage.”

15. Mistakes You Have Made

Suppose that you have drawn a line but didn’t tell your partner to cross the line with you, then you are also included to make your healthy marriage toxic.

16. Possessiveness

Things get worse when you include extra people in your life and ignore your spouse. It creates a relation of jealousy and possessiveness in a wrong way.

17. Important Discussions

You both prevent discussing important affairs with your partner and make wrong decisions. This is because you do not trust each other. A sudden jump from the WE mentality to the ME mentality is quite dangerous for a marriage. This is a sign of trust issues and a toxic marriage.


So, these were some signs from which you can find out about your toxic marriage or relationship. Such types of marriages always end in the wrong way, even if they start on the basis of love. You have to value your loved ones; they will not come into your life again and again.