wife cheating

Finding out that your wife is cheating on you can ruin a healthy marriage. Actually, it is hard enough to trust and love a stranger and make her a part of your life. Infidelity is extremely common nowadays, which is ruining millions of marriages. But make sure to judge the whole situation. Sometimes your wife behaves strange, and there must be a reason behind this. It is not sure that she is cheating on you or not.

But if you feel her untrustworthy for the last few days, then you must have to find out that what is happening. Cheating is not only simple cheating that your wife is cheating on you with someone else; cheating also has levels. Like, of course, she can cheat on you by physical sense, but cheating can be done on a financial, psychological, or social level. Remember a point that a woman tries to cover up her affairs, but she never tries hard to cover them. So here are some signs from which you can find out that whether your wife is cheating on your or not:

What is on her phone?

In a healthy marriage, couples share their phones and stuff with each other. But when you suspect her of infidelity, you might have an idea to check her phone. If your wife stores her images in iCloud, then it will be easy to find out some information, but it could raise many questions in your mind.

Social Media

If your wife is using social media and for the last few days she has been posting something new as she used to post in the past, it can also raise some questions in your mind. You can check her follower list or check the comment section that someone has commented on her post, and you do not even know him.


She has changed her passwords. There must be a reason behind this, but when it comes to a situation of infidelity, and you have some marital affairs, and you have mentioned this topic in an argument, she will definitely change her passwords. This kind of situation can feed you paranoia.

Finding out that your wife was lying for many little affairs

In this situation, most of the women lie at many little things. If you find out that your wife was lying to you yesterday about the party and why was she late for home even there was no traffic? This will lead you to a condition that you cannot trust her.

Nowadays, the rate of divorce is getting high because of trust issues between couples.

Spending more time in the gym

It is a fact that your wife is working to maintain her shape, or she wants to work out a little more. But it can also be a hookup place for your wife that she is meeting him in the gym.

Hanging out with friends you do not even know

She mostly used to spend her time with her old friends, but for a few days she is spending time with some new friends, and she is being secretive with you. That means that she is also spending time with some new guys as well.

Changes in your bank account or credit/debit cards

If there are some changes in your bank account or cards and she is buying things she never bought before, and her stories do not match with your credit card history, then it is a sign of showing a red flag. She starts paying things for cash even she always buys things with a credit card; then, it will raise some questions in your mind. It is also possible that she opens a separate bank account or credit card.

She always grabs the mail first

Normally you get a mail, and you notice that most of the things in the post are addressed to your wife. Make sure to ask her about this to see her reaction.

Not interested in you anymore

When something interesting happens, couples share it and enjoy talking with each other. You will observe that your wife is not interested in your social life anymore whenever you want to share something with her; whether it is a serious issue, she pays attention neither to the subject nor object.

She starts avoiding your family and friends

The functions and occasions take place between every family and friends. When you see that your wife starts avoiding your social life and family, then it is surely something going on in her life. She does not even want to participate in good and bad days.

Gets angry with you quickly

She gets angry with you whether it is your fault or not and plans to justify cheating on you. She does bad things for him because she is angry with him. It is very illogical, but it is a bitter truth. It is very hard to see your wife in this evil phase.

She starts avoiding YOU

You will observe that she will spend very little time with you and start avoiding you. There was a time in which you both were best friends. You share everything with each other and care about each other. But now she does not even care about you that whether you are hanging out with girls and so on. It must be a very painful situation.

At night she stays in another room to do her work

For doing work, she stays in another room to not to disturb you but behind this action, she chats with her boyfriend the whole night. Just like she used to talk to you, she talks to someone else.


So these were some signs from which you can observe that your wife is cheating on you or not. The next decision is yours that whether you want to save your marriage or want to fight. Give yourself some time to make an appropriate decision and not to regret it after deciding the result.