husband is cheating on you

Being cheated is the worst feeling in this world. How to know that your husband is cheating on you? If you are here then it surely means that you have observed some negative signs.

The reasons for cheating vary in every relationship. Remember that if your guts are telling you that your husband is cheating then you can be correct. Here are some signs that will help you find out whether your spouse is cheating on you or not.

He will start improving his looks

Whether going to the office, dinner, social meeting, or casual meeting, if he dressed up better than he used to do, spray more perfume than usual, works on improving his appearance by going to the gym, or eating healthy may indicate an affair. This issue can be serious if he stays the same in front of you but try to become more attractive when going out somewhere.

Uses his phone or any smart device frequently

When a person is having an affair, he or she starts to keep their phone with themselves even in the bathroom. It’s very easier to get an idea about the activities of a person by investigating their phone. If your husband tries to keep his phone with himself where it’s not necessary then it means he is hiding something.

This sign doesn’t completely indicate that your husband is cheating on you. There might be a chance that he wants to surprise you at any upcoming special event or there’s something wrong in his family in he doesn’t want you to involve.

If your sexual routine changes because of your husband

If you both are having lesser or more than usual sex then it means that something is wrong. A changed routine of sexual contact in your relationship can be a sign of cheating. Lesser sex surely means that he is not interested in you anymore but if you both are having more sex than before then it means that he is trying to cover up something. If your partner is introducing new techniques of sex in your relationship then it means that he is learning those tricks somewhere from outside.

Certain changes in his schedule

If your partner is one of those who never worked late and suddenly wants to spend extra time at work is not a good sign. In the same way, if your partner never attends any business tour or dinners but now goes for them frequently then it means he wants to spend the weekends with his partner or go on weekends dates with the partner other than you.

He may come up with excuses of traffic jams, mobile phone battery dies, or similar excuses to cover up things. Another sign that also signals infidelity is that he begins to forget upcoming birthdays of yours and your children, any family gathering, or forget to pick up the kids from the school.

Friends are uncomfortable talking about your relationship

The friend of betrayed partner always knows that you are being cheated by your husband that’s why they try to avoid talking with you or be over nice with you so that you don’t overthink. Similarly, your friends can observe the unusual activities or behavior of your husband before you so they also don’t want to talk about your relationship. They will try to end up that topic soon or ignore the talk from the start.

Unexpected expenses

It may be a sign of infidelity if you notice unexpected withdrawals of the huge amounts. Your husband may try to fool you by giving you a fake receipt or explanation. Infidelity required an amount as gifts, lunch, tours, and hotel expenses are common in affairs. You must question about the expenses from your husband.

He will rarely talk about other women

Your husband may start using the name of the woman in the home who is maybe his coworker or friend. It is reported that if men are attached to any woman, he will try to find a way to include her name in a conversation frequently so if your husband do this then it’s not a good sign.

He will start keeping things secret

When a person is cheating, he will change all his passwords on social media accounts. This issue is serious if you have the access to all his accounts before but now he has changed the passwords. He will keep his phone locked and will change the code frequently and will not attend calls when you are around.

You should ask if you can go with him out when is going. If he refuses and can’t give a mature reason behind his refusal then it means that something is wrong.

His behavior will be different towards the home and you

If your husband is no more interested in the matters of the home then it’s another sign. He will ask you to go the groceries, pick the children from school, attend the family gathering, or function at the children’s school alone. You should not complete his responsibilities. Tell him to complete his job.

You may also observe a different behavior of his towards you, he will start blaming you for everything that goes wrong or will try to fight without any valid reason. He will not try to figure out things with you and let the fight remains for a long time.


The above-mentioned signs don’t 100% prove that your husband is cheating on you. There may another valid reason behind them. Maybe expenses of the house are increased and now he wants to cover up things by working extra work. Healthy conservation between you and your husband can help you resolve things. Try to be nicer with him and ask him about his problems.

Also don’t totally ignore these signs even you don’t care about his relationship with the woman. You must think about the effects of these on your children too. Observe his activities and have a talk with him when the right time arrives.


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