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What Are Grounds for Divorce in Adelaide California?

There are mainly two reasons of divorce in Adelaide California that is fault and no-fault. In order to file for divorce in Adelaide California, the proper grounds must be established. Both spouses are involved in establishing these grounds, and both must substantiate and agree upon these, unless the divorcing spouse is trying to prove to the court.

You can file for divorce in Adelaide California based on either of the following grounds (reasons):

  • No-Fault reasons, which include differences in the marriage between the spouses.
  • General reasons, which include insanity that is incurable .


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  • How much does it cost to get a divorce in Adelaide California?

    The divorce filing fee in Adelaide California is $435 and is paid directly to the court. The additional costs involved in filing for divorce will differ depending on a number of variables like document preparation, attorney fees if you hire an attorney, mediation for any issues you and your spouse do not agree on, service fees to serve your spouse if necessary, etc. Our fee to prepare your forms is $139. We can also include a fee waiver you can file with the court to ask them to waive the filing fee.

  • How long does it take to get a divorce in Adelaide California?

    There is a 6-month waiting period before your divorce can be finalized in Adelaide California. The waiting period begins the date you serve your spouse.

  • How to get an uncontested divorce in Adelaide California?

    In order to file for divorce in Adelaide California, your or your spouse must live in California for at least six months. You or your spouse will need to be a resident of the county you are filing in for at least three months. For an uncontested divorce, you and your spouse must agree to the terms of divorce including the division of assets and debts, child custody and support, alimony, etc.

  • What is a no-fault divorce in Adelaide California?

    Irreconcilable differences is the no-fault ground in Adelaide California. Previously one party needed to be at fault to file for divorce in Adelaide California, however now parties can divorce just because they no longer wish to be married. This is referred to as a no-fault divorce meaning you do not have to prove the fault of either party.

  • How can I get a divorce in Adelaide California when I don't know where my spouse is?

    While you do not need your spouse's signature to get a divorce, the court requires you to give your spouse notice of the divorce filing. If you do not know the location of your spouse, you will need make an effort to locate your spouse. If after trying to find your spouse, you are still unable to locate them, you can file an application with the court requesting to serve your spouse by publication. This means that you will need to put ad in the local newspaper, of your spouse's last known location, giving notice of the divorce. The publication needs to run once a week for 4 consecutive weeks.

  • Do I have to go to the court to get the Divorce in Adelaide California?

    In most cases you will need to go to court to file the initial forms with the court. You may need to appear for the Judge to sign off on the Final Decree as well. If you and your spouse agree to the terms of the divorce, there will not need to be a trial.

  • How is child support and custody settled in an Adelaide California divorce?

    In Adelaide California, either parent can have custody of the children, or the parents can share custody. The judge makes the final decision about custody and visitation but usually will approve the arrangement (the parenting plan) that both parents agree on. If the parents cannot agree, the judge will make a decision at a court hearing. The judge will usually not make a decision about custody and visitation until after the parents have met with a mediator from Family Court Services. Child support is determined based on a state guideline amount. Any amounts paid for childcare and health care are taken into consideration when calculating the amount for child support.

  • How are property, assets, and debts divided in an Adelaide California divorce?

    California is a community property state. This means that in a divorce, the court will divide any assets or debts obtained during the marriage equally. Most assets acquired during the marriage will be considered marital property and subject to division with the exception of gifts or inheritance.

  • How do I serve my spouse with divorce papers in Adelaide California?

    Your spouse can be served by Personal Service. A third party, over the age of 18 and not related to either party in the case, can serve your spouse.
    Your spouse can also be served by Mail with a Notice and Acknowledgement of Receipt. A third party will need to mail the forms to your spouse. Even if you and your spouse are in agreement with the divorce, a third party will still need to serve your spouse.